Chocolate and pear cake

Pastry recipe

In the plum cake base recipe, water will be replaced by pear purée. All the water comes from the egg white. Albumin will then be hydrated with pear purée instead of water. This way the recipe remains stable and has more flavour.

For 2 cakes about 600g each

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Chocolate and pear cake
Marc Balaguer Fabra

Marc Balaguer Fabra

Pastry Chef, Ice-cream Vice World Champion 2018, Barcelona
He worked with some of the best Spanish chefs, such as Carles Mampel and Oriol Balaguer, and attended many training courses, more particularly at the Paris International Pastry School. Then, he became...


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Pear - 320g
    • Ground almonds - 190g
    • Brown sugar - 190g
    • Egg yolk - 160g
    • Albumin - 32g
    • Rice flour - 85g
    • Chemical yeast - 5g
    • Coconut oil - 115g
    • Dark chocolate 70 % - 230g

    Mix the albumin and purée. Grease the moulds.

    Mix the almond flour with brown sugar. Add the egg yolks, purée and albumin mixture and beat at medium speed.

    Sieve the rice flour and baking powder.

    Melt the chocolate with coconut oil.

    Add the chocolate and coconut oil to the mixture. Then add the rice flour and baking powder.

    Bake at 150°C.

    In this step



    • Rice flour - 100g
    • Ground almonds - 100g
    • Brown sugar - 100g
    • Butter - 100g

    Mix all ingredients with a K-beater.

    Freeze and grate.

    Place the crumbs as base.



    • Mango - 500g
    • Water - 1000g
    • Ascorbic acid - 5g

    Mix the ascorbic acid with the water.

    Dice the mango and let it soak into the glaze.

    Sprinkle a bit of rice flour over the mango and place it inside the cake dough before baking.



    • Inulin - 45g
    • Rice milk - 600g
    • Dark chocolate 60% - 300g
    • Cocoa butter - 10g

    Mix inulin with melted chocolate using a rubber spatula. Add cocoa butter. Add the lukewarm milk. Emulsify in a blender. Let it rest for 24h then whip again.



    • Vegetal gelifiant - 12g
    • Water - 50g

    Mix the water with the Mango purée and vegetable gelling agent, cold, using a whisk or a hand blender.

    Heat until it boils, whisking constantly. Glaze the cake into the warm jelly.

  6. Assembly

    In a buttered mould or in a mould lined with parchment paper, place a crumble base and the cake batter filled with diced mango. Make sure you don’t fill more than 3/4 of the mould. Once baked, freeze as soon as possible. Dip the frozen cake into the mango jelly (do it twice if the jelly is still warm). Decorate with chocolate cream and fresh diced mango.

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