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The Lassi is a traditionnal Indian soft drink consisting of fermented milk (often yogurt), mixed with local ingredients. Here the drink pays hommage to some of those ingredients: Mango, spices, curry,etc… Delicious smoothie style drink.

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Maxime Le Gal

Maxime Le Gal

Maxime Le Gal, Mixologist, Cofounder and Partner, Rocks & Rye, and Les vergers Boiron Consultant
Maxime Le Gal founded Rocks & Rye in Lyon in 2017, with his partner Amanda Boucher, an acclaimed mixologist, known in part for her signature and legendary cocktail “La Muse”.   ​Having ...
  1. Zoji-Lassi


    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Apricot - 60ml
    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Spicy Mango - 30ml
    • Frozen speciality : Ginger - 15ml
    • Fermented milk - 60ml
    • Curry leaf and cardamom syrup - 30ml

    Elaboré directement au verre, compléter avec de la glace pilée.

    Garni de feuilles de billes de mangue et gingembre confit.

    Curry leaf and cardamom syrup:

    300ml mineral water

    300g granulated white sugar

    4 cardamom pods

    1 cinnamon stick

    10g curry leaves


    Cook all ingredients in a sous-vide bag at 70C for 3 hours, filter and bottle. Keep refrigerated.

    In this step

    Frozen fruit purées

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