Butterflies & Unicorns

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Freddy Diaz

Freddy Diaz

Bartender / Mixologist
Freddy Diaz is President at AlambiQ Inc. mixology consulting firm and has worked with the world’s leading brands, corporations, spirits suppliers and bars. He prides himself by using fruit purees, uni...
  1. Charged Butterfly Pea Tea

    Steep 4 ounces of dried butterfly pea flowers in 16 ounces of room temperature filtered water for 20-30 minutes (stirring occasionally) until water turns blue.
    Strain water (discard flowers) and add butterfly pea water in an iSi Soda Siphon and charge with a soda charger.
    Store cold.

  2. AlambiQ Homemade Orgeat Syrup


    • Almond milk - 10 oz
    • Sugar - 10 oz
    • Vanilla (extract) - 1 c. à café
    • Orange blossom water - 1 c. à café
    • Orange (zest) - 1

    Muddle orange peels in a container, add rest of ingredients, stir, store cold overnight, next day, discard orange peel.
    Bottle and store cold.

  3. Butterflies & Unicorns


    • Frozen fruit purée 100% : Lime - 0,75 oz
    • Frozen fruit purée, sugar added : Coconut - 0,75 oz
    • Gin - 1,5 oz
    • © Cointreau - 0,5 oz
    • Orgeat syrup - 0,75 oz

    Top off with 1oz. Charged Butterfly Pea Tea (iSi Soda Siphon)
    Shake with ice, strain in a highball, add crushed ice, top with charged Butterfly Pea Tea from an iSi Soda Siphon.  
    Garnish with an edible orchid.

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