Frozen speciality : Lemongrass

Frozen speciality : Lemongrass

This speciality is obtained by the strict selection and the blending of ripe fruit varieties harvested by our producers.


This speciality has been finely sieved and packaged in our Valence plant (France). Our production process guarantees an unvarying sugar content and acidity while maintaining as much as possible the organoleptic properties of fresh fruit.


This speciality has no preservatives*, artificial colours* or flavours. 

*In accordance with the regulations

Physico chemical characteristics

Depending on methods and equipment used
Brix with the refractometer at 20°C
10° Brix +/- 2
pH with pHmeter at 20°C
2.90 3.20
Dry extract for information only (+/- 1,5%)

Organoleptic characteristics

Specialite citronelle EN
Specialite citronelle Visco EN


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Your Frozen speciality : Lemongrass based recipes

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Individual pastries Yann Brys

Lemon Petal with Mint

by Yann Brys
Dessert plate Julien Perrinet


by Julien Perrinet
Fish and seafood Martín Lippo

Coconut and lemongrass snow

by Martín Lippo