Frozen fruit coulis : Apricot

Frozen fruit coulis : Apricot

This coulis is obtained by the strict selection and the blending of ripe fruit varieties harvested by our producers.

It is GMO-free and has no has no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. This coulis has been finely sieved, sweetened with the right quantity of sugar and packaged in our Valence plant (France).

The smooth yet pourable texture of this product is suitable to enhance a panna cotta or for plate decorating.

Physico chemical characteristics

Depending on methods and equipment used
Brix with the refractometer at 20°C
25° Brix +/- 1
pH with pHmeter at 20°C
3.10 3.60
Dry extract for information only (+/- 1,5%)

Organoleptic characteristics

Sensory profile

Coulis abricot EN


Coulis abricot Visco EN


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