Frozen concentrated preparation : Orange

Frozen concentrated preparation : Orange

These concentrated preparations are the result of a strict fruit selection by our producers.

The fruits are picked when fully ripe. Then, they are finely sieved and undergo a low-temperature concentration process in our Valence plant (France).

The addition of essential oils enhances the balance of aromatic notes between fruit pulp and zest.

The rich aromas and dry matter content of our concentrated purées make them suitable to bring out the taste of fruit, without adding sugar or water.

Physico chemical characteristics

Depending on methods and equipment used
Brix with the refractometer at 20°C
58° Brix +/- 2
pH with pHmeter at 20°C
3.20 - 3.70
Dry extract for information only (+/- 1,5%)

Organoleptic characteristics

Sensory profile

Concentre orange EN


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Your Frozen concentrated preparation : Orange based recipes

A selection of recipes made with this product:


Desserts and tarts Jean-Thomas Schneider

Dark chocolate and orange tart

by Jean-Thomas Schneider
Desserts and tarts Jean-Thomas Schneider
Sorbets Gael Etrillard

Coconut orange sorbet

by Gael Etrillard