Moulaye Fanny


Pastry-making is almost non-existant in my culture.


When I was a child, I would spend a lot of time watching my mother and my father cook then I would try to replicate their tasty dishes more or less successfully. The first steps I took towards the pastry world were very timid as pastry-making is almost non-existant in my culture. When I started having those dreams of eating all the desserts I loved and smelling cake baking in the oven, I knew I wanted to bake.

It only took one crepes recipe that I learnt from my father to convince me I could do it. After that, I tasted and replicated my family cook’s famous chocolate cake recipe, and long story short, my passion for sweet things are now a huge part of my life.


My name is Moulaye, I’m a railway engineer and a pastry lover.


I learnt by creating, working on the material. My perception of textures and tastes evolves constantly, and I like the idea that a raw product can be reinterpreted. I find my inspiration in the products in the kitchen but also outside: in art, fashion, architecture, photography. I continue to learn and grow by reading, traveling, and meeting pastry chefs I admire. What I learn from them is shared with you.

If I had to describe my pastry style in two words, I would say it’s simple and elegant.



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