Pastry Chef, Pastry World Champion 2001, Think Pastry

Michel Willaume, originally from Nantes, has the soul of an explorer, both of the physical world and of the spirit. Today, at the head of Think Pastry, his consulting firm, he offers his philosophy, knowledge and expertise to artisan pastry chefs, chocolate and ice-cream makers, pastry schools, restaurants, hotels and luxury boutiques around the world.


Michel started his career at the age of 15 as an apprentice at Drala in Nantes. He then moved to Dalloyau, the Hotel Matignon, Karly's in Paris and then returned to his hometown to work for Jamin. He then managed the pastry team at the Ritz Carlton in Barcelona and spent 8 years in exile in the United States. In 2001, he became Pastry World Champion with the American team. After a short stay in Japan, he moved to Barcelona. 

Ambassador Valrhona since 2005, he has been working at the Dobla innovation centre since 2012, and has been a consultant chef and Ambassador for Les Vergers Boiron since 2016.

Michel enjoys learning and sharing information to achieve the ultimate in taste and visual quality.  His way of working: thinking about the association of various tastes (grass + fruit for example) before performing tests and imagining so that thought becomes meaning and reality becomes a field of sensibility.

Thanks to his technological background, Michel works as an R&D consultant in prestigious companies including semi-industrial pastries by developing methods that integrate logically and efficiently into production devices.




Individual pastries
Individual pastries

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