Julien Perrinet

Pastry Chef
Born in 1982, Chef Julien Perrinet began his career in gastronomy at the age of 14 as a young apprentice, and graduated from the Pastry & Bakery High School St. Joseph in Concarneau, France in 2002. His first position was as a pastry cook working under the renowned French bakery – Chef Bernard Ganachaud (MOF 1979) during 3 years, to explore Parisian pastries as well as the world famous Traditional Baguette. From there chef Julien continued to hone his expertise overseas in Montreal (Canada), after what he has been transferred to Doha (Qatar) to support the opening of the ‘La Cigale Hotel’ where he was working under Chef A.Salguiero commands with an 8 French chef’s team and 60 cooks. Then, Chef Julien continue his world’s discovery working with several company such as W hotel in the Maldives, Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing with Philippe Daue, before joining the opening team of the internationally renowned Michelin star restaurant Joel Robuchon in Singapore. After 5 years in Sing


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