Jérôme Chaucesse

Chef pâtissier - MOF Pâtissier confiseur 2015

After having cut his teeth at Gérard Boyer in Reims (*** Michelin), Marc Meneau in Saint-Père-sous-Vézelay (*** Michelin), Philippe Urraca (MOF pâtissier) and Michel Guérard in Eugénie-les-Bains ( *** Michelin), Jérôme Chaucesse puts his technique at the service of compositions rich in emotions, both taste and visual.

In 2013, Jérôme Chaucesse launched a new challenge by entering the competition for one of the Best Craftsmen in France for the first time. Successful challenge, in 2015 he was crowned with the title of MOF Pâtissier Confiseur.

After 14 years as Pastry Chef at the Parisian palace of the Hôtel de Crillon, in 2018, he opened his own consulting company "Jérôme CHAUCESSE Créations" in order to pass on his knowledge around the world.

Jérôme Chaucesse signs creations of remarkable finesse and lightness. Depending on his inspiration, the desserts become playful and surprising, an unexpected reinterpretation of a great classic, or the invention of new sweet journeys.

Its motto: Design and Elegance at the service of TASTE.



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