Jean-Christophe Duc

Pastry Chef, Technical adviser Les vergers Boiron

Jean-Christophe Duc is a Compagnon du Tour de France and has a European Master’s degree in pastry making.

He is a native of the French region of the Bresse in Burgundy and lived his youth between the Revermont, the Beaujolais and the Charolais where he gained deep knowledge of the terroir and, of course, the poultry and the beef of those regions.

He gained his cooking culture by following in the footsteps of Fernand Point, a native of Louhans, (where Jean-Christophe was born) who was one of the first chefs to get three Michelin stars (in 1933) and who became a pioneer of Nouvelle Cuisine.

His other mentors: chocolate makers Daniel Giraud and Yves Thuriès, his teacher with whom he apprenticed Lucien Bouvier, Gabriel Paillasson (MOF and founder of the Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie), as well as the chefs Georges Blanc et Jacques Lameloise (both with three Michelin stars).
After initial training, Jean-Christophe went to Lyon to work with the Compagnons.

When he toured France, for seven years, he worked for many establishments, including MOFs and Relais Desserts and learned to adapt to several professions in many different companies and establishments, thereby developing his eclectic approach.

To perfect his teaching skills, he spent two months at the ENSP teaching school as an assistant.
He then went abroad, first to the Netherlands to “meet others and understand how they behaved”.

This led him to develop his passion for foreign languages, learning Dutch, English, German, and now Polish.

In Germany, he obtained his European degree (French and German) and then went on a tour of Germany before settling in Berlin where he managed people, development and quality in 35 companies.

When working with several international companies, he merges regional cooking techniques with the precision of French gastronomy. On top of that, he reworks the recipes, balancing good taste and nutritional considerations.
With this experience, he has become a Les vergers Boiron consultant to continue his research and provide new generations with a modern vision of pastry making that leverages traditional know-how. He is married
and lives in Katowice, Poland.


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Verrines and bite sizes

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