Eran Shvartzbard

Boutique pastry chef and baker, teacher, author

Israeli pastry chef Eran Shvartzbard loves to make pastries, desserts and all sorts of baked products that are pleasing to all the senses.

He is especially known for the artistic touch and colors he brings to his creations.

This man of the world loves to combine the best of French patisserie, Mediterranean pastry and even invent recipes for Asians without ovens so they can make desserts with rice cookers. This new approach for the Asian market, branded as UgaUga, which means cake in Hebrew, while the sound Ga is used to describe things that taste great in Chinese, has become a huge success!

Living in the Middle East allows Eran to travel to numerous countries in Europe, Asia and beyond, where he visits the best pastry establishments and schools.

This passion for doing and learning led him to open his own boutique shop in Tel Aviv a year ago, to launch his own brand, but also to often work as a consultant and teacher.

He published a successful book – The book of Artisanal Patisserie and Boulangerie – that offers recipes and presents the finished products as veritable works of art, having worked closely with designers, stylists and photographers to achieve spectacular visual effects. Beyond his success among his professional peers, he has become a celebrity, appearing often as a guest chef and jury member in the Israeli version of MasterChef.



Products used by Eran Shvartzbard