Emile Pillot

Pastry Chef, Poulaillon

Émile Pillot, who is only 37 years old, has already established an impressive track record. Currently, he is Head of production of the Pastry section of Poulaillon, one of France’s leading caterers, with over 50 boutiques nationally. After having graduated with technical degrees in France (pastry CAP and culinary BEP), he worked for Olivier Nasti (MOF) at the Le Chambard restaurant (two Michelin stars) in Kaysersberg and its pastry shop and tea room, Kouglof, where he managed up to 20 pastry makers. He has worked for several prestigious companies, including Harry Genenz and Gasthart in Berlin, the Four Seasons Provence Terre Blanche hotel (one star) and the Marc Veyrat restaurant (three stars) in France, at the Ritz Carlton in Doha in Qatar and at C’Designar and Patrick Gilbaud (two stars) in Dublin.
For the last four years, while working for Poulaillon, he has been a consultant for Les Vergers Boiron throughout Europe, where he intervenes in three languages – German, English and French – giving demonstrations and training people in schools, trade shows and working with professionals. In everything he does, Émile adapts himself and his pastries to specific local conditions, whilst remaining loyal to his first true love, classical French pastry, which he asserts requires precision and the persistent principles of quality and creativity. “Cooking and pastry making are, in my mind, rich universal languages that enable you to share strong feelings.”



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