Wine tasting is known as oenology, its equivalent for beer is zythology and for cheese, caseology. We are introducing Fruitology®


As is the case for tasting and identifying the features of all food products, fruit purées offer their own set of specific features. Awareness of these is essential to understand the fruits themselves, their different processes, and the impact these have on final products.
Fruitology® was created to provide a framework and reference system to characterize the specifics of fruit and the subtleties of what to look for in the tasting process.


Fruitology® is therefore a field of study devoted to fruits and their transformation in the form of purées, including their history, the underlying science and specific taste components to create a sort of identification system for each type of fruit purée.


Fruitology® provides you with the keys for tasting and assessing fruit purées. This tool allows you to compare different purées of the same flavor, to delve into their specific differences.

The expertise of Les vergers Boiron has enabled us to create and develop this new discipline, through the definition of linguistic markers and methodologies based on sensory analysis techniques. This toolset targets food and taste professionals and everyone concerned with the quality of fruits, in particular those involved in the purée production chain.

The book of Fruitology®

The book of Fruitology®

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Understanding a sensory profile

Understanding a sensory profile

These new sensory profiles will gradually replace radar charts that are currently available on…