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Designing our frozen fruit purees is an art; ensuring quality and food safety is a science.

A science that we invite you to discover.

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Sonia Haumonté

Sonia Haumonté

Pastry Chef and owner of Patisserie Vaniyé in Parnell, New Zealand and Brand Ambassador Les vergers Boiron

Sonia Haumonté was born to restaurateur parents. As a teen, she worked in the family business where she was taught that “washing glasses properly is as important as cooking itself”.  Her passion…



After inventing frozen fruit purées in 1970, Les vergers Boiron created the 1kg tray in 1985.…


Les vergers Boiron 100% Bergamot puree comes from a unique blend of well-known varieties to…

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From 15 February 2020 to 19 February 2020
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Looking for recipes ideas based on our succulent yuzu purée?

We have gathered in a book recipes made by renowned chefs with whom we are used to work : download it!


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Featured recipes

Dessert plate
Recette Yuzu cream on matcha shortbread
Pierre Lingelser
Dessert plate
Recette Nitro flowers
Martín Lippo

Nitro flowers

by Martín Lippo
Cocktails with alcohol
Recette Butterflies & Unicorns
Freddy Diaz

Butterflies & Unicorns

by Freddy Diaz
Alain Boiron
Welcome to our brand new website and discover or rediscover the whole universe of Les vergers Boiron.


For more than 75 years, we have been constantly innovating to offer you the best fruits. They are carefully selected from the best growing territories from all over the world, harvested, blended and processed following ever-evolving manufacturing processes in order to preserve all organoleptic properties.
We hope that our new website will allow you to take full advantage of our commitment to you, catering professionals from all over the world.


Happy reading and bon appétit!
Alain Boiron,
President, Boiron Frères SAS