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Pomegranate (Tropical fruits)

Pomegranate: universal and mythological!

The English name, pomegranate, is derived from the French pomme (apple) and the Latin granatus (abundant in seeds), with the suffix spelled granate, a hybrid of the French grenade and the Spanish granada, the name of the fruit and the Andalusian city where it has grown abundantly for centuries. Very few fruits can claim as great a universality as the pomegranate: from its Near-Eastern and Asian origins, it has spread to North Africa, to the Levant and to the countries of Mediterranean Europe. Today, it is cultivated from China to California, via Japan, Russia and a host of other countries, The pomegranate exists in almost every mythology and religion in the world, as a symbol of fertility (its seeds resemble human ovaries) and royal splendor (the pomegranate, shaped like a globe, is often held by the monarch, associated to the scepter in his or her other hand). The wide palette of tastes of its almost 200 varieties, varying from the freshness of a citrus fruit to the sweetness of a red summer berry, makes it one of the ingredients most widely used in the world’s culinary traditions. In mixology, the Caribbean island of Granada, named by the Spanish conquistadors, but also a producer of the fruit, is an essential taste and color ingredient of the Tequila Sunrise and many other cocktails. Its health benefits have been known since Antiquity, and modern science has confirmed that its trace elements, and in particular its polyphenols, are very efficient in preventing and treating numerous cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

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Light of dawn

by Aki Wang
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by Martín Lippo

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