Fruits of the sun

Citrus fruits
Fruits of the sun (Citrus fruits)


Fruits of the sun: a wonderful marriage of flavors and fragrances!

This blend concentrates the flavors of several citruses of different sorts, coming from different lands from the four corners of the earth. The sweet orange, to begin with, contributes the sun and vitamins we need to get through and embellish the winter, and provides us with its cheerful color. The grapefruit (pomelo) adds its subtle bittersweet balance, while the blood orange enters the stage as a counterpoint, with the bravado of a matador, its heady fragrance and its deep and vibrant color. The kalamansi, the unique and hybrid lemon of the Philippines, adds complexity, with its notes of mandarin, kumquat, lemon, lime and passion fruit, which bonds this delicious marriage of tastes and scents. Mixologists can now explore new variations of time-tested classic cocktails, with or without alcohol: Margarita, White Lady, Cosmopolitan, Harvey Wallbanger, Paloma… or to reinvent new concoctions with this unique and original assemblage. Plated desserts, pastries and ice creams and sorbets will also benefit from this palette of fruity nuances, bringing sunshine to our taste buds.

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