Cranberry & Morello cherry

Red fruits
Cranberry & Morello cherry (Red fruits)


Cranberry and morello cherry: a great Transatlantic marriage!

The cranberry is the bigger North American version of the European Lingonberry, both of which belong to the same family, Vaccinium, as does the blueberry. The cranberry is a bright red fruit about the size of a small grape, featuring a firm flesh and thick pulp, grown in the North-East of the US and Canada. Its name comes from German, Dutch and old English (kraanbere and craneberry), which referred to the shape of the stem, the flower and the petals of the plant that looked like the neck, the head and the beak of a crane. This fruit is of course an integral part of most Thanksgiving meals, because the cranberries, along with Turkey, corn and pumpkins, were the main ingredients of the first harvest meal for the European settlers in New England. And, it’s also a Christmas classic. The cranberry, which is naturally sour, takes on a caramelized taste once cooked and is a perfect match for the European morello, with its taste of cherry, its flowery fragrance and its velvety texture. Together, they can be used to the heart’s content, in pastries, desserts or savory dishes. For mixologists, the cranberry-morello blend opens up a whole range of possibilities, mixed with all sorts of local and exotic fruits. This marriage between two continents travels well in all the culinary preparations of the world!

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