Citrus fruit cocktail with Cointreau®

Citrus fruits
Citrus fruit cocktail with Cointreau® (Citrus fruits)

Citrus fruit cocktail with Cointreau®: an explosion of citrus!

This cocktail concentrates all the nuances and tastes of different varieties of citrus fruits, carefully selected from various lands in different continents. At the heart of this festive mix, we find the mandarin, Citrus nobilis, which can be considered as the great ancestor of all citrus fruits, having first been cultivated in ancient China over four millennia ago, offering up its distinct slightly bitter and honeyed fragrance and its noble saffron color. Next comes bergamot, a cross between bitter orange and lime, which introduces its mysterious perfume and its breath of fresh air. Sweet and bitter orange zests contribute further complexity, texture and a sunny balance to the blend. This magnificent mix is enhanced by a concentrate of Cointreau®, the first liqueur to use the triple sec method of distillation, invented in 1875 by Édouard Cointreau in Angers, France, which created a transparent juice that had three times the concentration of aromas and less sugar than the other distillations of the time and which remains just as unique today. Cointreau® is of course the heart and soul of many great classical cocktails: Margarita, White Lady, Cosmopolitan, Corpse Reviver #2… and is a source of inspiration for mixologists to make an infinite number of creations, blended with other distilled rinks such as tequila, vodka, gin and white rum. In desserts, this citrus fruit cocktail with Cointreau® brings strong sunny notes and fragrances to plated entremets, pastries and ice creams, without mentioning the more daring and innovative combinations it can provide for poultry and seafood dishes.

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