Black cherry

Red fruits
Black cherry (Red fruits)

A fruit from the Rosaceae family. The Romans brought cherry trees from Asia Minor to Europe at the beginning of our era. They probably resembled the wild cherries that we know: very small clusters of dark cherries, covered little flesh and fragile skin. Cherry trees have been grown and sold since the Middle Ages for their wood and their fruit, but it was under the reign of Louis XV that they were actually selected and intensively cultivated to satisfy royal demand.

Frozen products

Discover this Les vergers Boiron’s flavor in all its frozen forms. They will meet all your needs and inspirations.

Recipes with black cherry flavor

Chefs from all over the world share with you a selection of recipes made with this flavor to inspire your pastry, ice cream making, cooking and cocktails. 

Dessert plate Romain Chalumeau

Fruity choux

by Romain Chalumeau
Starters Martín Lippo

Cherry endives

by Martín Lippo
Desserts and tarts Campus Etoile Academy

Cherry and ricotta tart

by Campus Etoile Academy

Flavour combinations

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