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Tuna tartare on a bed of mustard and iced watermelon infusion

A creation by Fernando del Cerro

Tuna tartare on a bed of mustard and iced watermelon infusion


  • Oil - 150 g
  • Chives - 250 g
  • Raw tender chives, finely chopped in
  • Capers - finely chopped
  • Gherkin - finely chopped
  • Salted anchovies - finely sliced

Chop the chives very finely and marinate in the oil, once marinated, blend until you obtain a thick, concentrated oil.

Just before serving, mix all the ingredients together thoroughly.


  • Whole grain mustard - 100 g
  • Water - 50 g
  • Mycryo® (50 % of dry matter) - QS

Mix all the ingredients well together except the Mycryo®. Spread both sides on baking paper to prevent the mustard from blackening and to dry evenly. Bake at 150°C for 20 minutes. You can also use a dehydrator. When crisp and dry, remove from the oven and cool at room temperature Sieve finely and set aside in a dry place. Finally mix the dry mustard and Mycryo® (proportion 2/3 - 1/3). Set aside in a dry place.


Mix all the ingredients together. Heat to 45°C, let the mixture cool to room temperature then freeze to process in the PacoJet®.


Brush a long shape on part of the plate using the mustard, place a large quenelle of tartare on the other side and place a small quenelle of iced watermelon infusion on top of the mustard. To finish, you can sprinkle a few grains of mustard over the tartare.


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