Cream of angels

For 10 portions.

Malabi cream and white chocolate

  • Sugared cream 38% - 100 g
  • Milk - 400 g
  • Sugar - 130 g
  • Cornstarch - 45 g
  • White chocolate 33% - 60 g
  • Orange blossom extract - as required
Over a low heat, boil the cream, milk, sugar and cornstarch while stirring until thick.
Transfer to mixing bowl and mix with whisker.
Add the chocolates and the orange blossom extract.
Mix until the cream has cooled.
Pour into serving dishes and refrigerate.

Alginate bath

  • Cold water - 1 L
  • Sodium alginate - 12 g
Pour the water into a jar, add the alginate powder gradually while stirring in a blender.
Mix until the powder melts and the mixture is smooth.
It is important not to inject air into the mixture.
Cool for an hour in the refrigerator.

Peanuts-coconut meringue

  • Sugar - 200 g
  • Water - 25 g
  • Egg whites - 100 g
  • Peanuts salted and grated - 80 g
  • Ground coconut - 20 g
Heat 100 g of sugar and water to 121°C to make Italian meringue.
Whip the egg whites while adding the hot liquid.
When the mousse is cold, fold 100 g sugar, peanuts and coconut.
Spread half a cm thick on baking paper or on Silpat.
Bake for 2h in a preheated oven to 100°C.
Cool and break into pieces.

Raspberry spheres

Place the fruit purée in a bowl and add the calcium powder until the mixture is homogeneous.
With a spoon, place the raspberry mixture in the alginate bath.
Let the spheres sink and stay in the bath for up to 1 min.
Using a slotted spoon, transfer the prepared spheres to a bowl of cold water, stirring lightly to reduce the excess of the alginate fluid.
With a slotted spoon, remove the spheres from the water, place them for 1 min on a paper towel and then on the malabi cream.

Strawberry and beetroot mousse scented with orange blossom water

Mix the gelatin and water in a bowl.
Heat the sugar and the beetroot purée.
Add the dissolved gelatin and stir until dissolved.
Add the Strawberry purée, mix well and cool slightly.
Whip the cream into a soft whipped cream and fold with the mixture.
Season gently with citrus blossom water.
Fill a mini truffle silicone pattern 3.2 cm in diameter x 2.8 cm with mousse and freeze.

For decoration

Pieces of meringue coated with icing sugar
Fresh strawberries
Candied rose leaves


After the malabi cream is stabilized, decorate with strawberry and beetroot
Place the raspberry spheres, decorate with meringues, fresh strawberries and
candied rose leaves.
The Chef's Suggestion

Gluten free


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