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A creation by Pierre Abi Hayla


For 100 portions.

White chocolate, vanilla, orange zest cream

  • Cream - 1450 g
  • Glucose - 160 g
  • Invert sugar - 160 g
  • White chocolate 33% - 1800 g
  • Cocoa butter - 150 g
  • Cold cream - 3650 g
  • Vanilla pods - 15
  • Orange zest - 5
Boil the cream with glucose, invert sugar, vanilla and orange zest. Pour over the white chocolate and cocoa butter.
Emulsion very well. And finish by adding the cold cream.
Store in a refrigerator over night to use the day after.
Before using, whip the cream with a paddle of a mixer not a whisk.

Passion fruit whipped jelly

Heat the passion fruit purée and the sugar. Add the gelatin mix and store in the fridge for 2h before use. Whip well the passion fruit jelly before use (double volume). Pipe into mini 2 cm diameter dome shape and leave to harden in the freezer
for demolding.

Raspberry compote

Heat the raspberries and the sugar. Add the gelatin mix. Finish by piping in the mini dome shape 2 cm diameter and freeze
to gets hard for demolding.

Streusel base recipe

  • Butter - 600 g
  • Flour - 600 g
  • Brown sugar - 600 g
  • Almond powder - 600 g
Make a simple streusel base recipe to use in the second part of the recipe. Mix all the ingredients, combined, store in the freezer. When the dough is hard, cut into very small chunks
and spread them on a baking tray. Bake in 150⁰C oven for
10 to 15 min.

Almond butter crisp

  • White chocolate 33% - 1040 g
  • Butter - 240 g
  • Streusel base recipe - 2400 g
  • Brown sugar - 240 g
  • Crispy feuillantine - 320 g
  • Vanilla pods - 10 g
  • Himalayan salt - 16 g
Melt the chocolate and mix it to the melted butter. Add the brown sugar. Add the vanilla and the salt. Finish by adding
the streusel chunks and the feuillantine. Don’t mix to much after adding the streusel and the feuillantine to keep a good crispy texture. Start by creating the shape of the crispy by putting 4 g of the mix on the back of the moon shape, forming a half-moon shape. Store in the freezer until the time of the glaze.

White chocolate dipping glaze

  • White chocolate 33% - 523.2 g
  • Cocoa butter - 136.6 g
  • Organic food coloring White power flower - 10.95 pcs
  • Graspeseed oil - 113.4 g
Melt the chocolate and the cocoa butter to 45⁰C.
Add the grapeseed oil and white flower power.
And use for dipping at 30 to 32⁰C.

Cocoa butter white chocolate for spraying for streusel

  • Cocoa butter - 400 g
  • White chocolate 33% - 400 g
Melt the cocoa butter and pour over the white chocolate.
Use at 30⁰C to spray.

Building the dessert

Start by spraying the almond butter crispy to give it a nice white color using the cocoa butter white chocolate for spraying and put back in the freezer. Freeze each jelly alone in the dome shape as mentioned in the recipe. Stick the two jellies from the flat side together and put them back in the freezer. Whip
the white chocolate vanilla cream as mentioned in the recipe and start filling around 6 g of the cream. Insert the frozen jelly balls inside in the middle of the white chocolate cream. Close the shapes from the bottom to hide the jelly and freeze to get hard for demolding. After demolding, insert on the top
of the balls a toothpick for and easy dipping. And start by dipping in the white chocolate glaze, very fast not to form a thick glaze crust. Stick using the white chocolate vanilla cream and almond butter crispy to finish. Store in a freezer (it needs
30 min for defrosting).

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