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Apricot mousse with milk chocolate cremeux

A creation by Guillaume Marchand

Apricot mousse with milk chocolate cremeux

For 24 portions.

Blueberry sponge

Whip the egg and sugar, add the almond flour and sifted flour.
Defrost a bit the frozen blueberry to take out extra water.
Pipe inside 16 cm x 2 cm high (250 g in each).
Bake at 190°C for 15 min. 

Milk chocolat crémeux

  • Whipped cream - 650 g
  • Egg yolk - 80 g
  • Cacao Barry Alunga Milk Chocolate - 450 g
  • Gelatin leaves - 3
  • Cacao Barry Hazelnut praline - 90 g
Cook at 85°C the cream and yolks, add the gelatin.
Pour on top of the chocolate.
Add the praline and turn mix.
Fill up small silicon mold with the mix and freeze it. 

Feuillantine praline

  • Cacao Barry praline paste 50% - 360 g
  • Cacao Barry Inaya 65% Dark Chocolate - 140 g
  • Cacao Barry Pate Feuillantine - 340 g
Melt chocolate and praline in water bate.
Add the croquantine flakes (feuillantine).
Spread on frozen blueberry sponge. 

Apricot mousse

Add the gelatin to the apricot puree >60°C, let it cooling down.
Add half of whipped cream, the egg white and the rest of cream. 

Italian meringue

  • Sugar (cook sugar at 119°C) - 315 g
  • Water - 70 g
  • Egg white - 170 g

Apricot glaze

Warm water, pree, lemon puree.
Add the pectin and the sugar.
Bring to the boil and add the gelatin. 

Hazelnut cookie base

  • Butter - 330 g
  • Sugar - 110 g
  • Cake flour - 450 g
  • Hazelnut paste - 25 g
  • Hazelnut powder - 135 g
  • Salt - 1 g
Mix everything together.
Spread the dough to 3 mm.
Cut disc and bake them at 170°C. 


Garnish the silicon mold with apricot mousse, insert a dome of milk chocolate cremeux and feuillantine croquant.
Freeze them.
Unmold and glaze them around 34°C mix, depose them on top of almond hazelnut cookie base. 

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