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“Kir Royal in a sugar pearl”: Grapefruit sorbet on blackcurrant jelly and sparkling Champagne snow

A creation by Pierre Lingelser

“Kir Royal in a sugar pearl”: Grapefruit sorbet on blackcurrant jelly and sparkling Champagne snow

Grapefruit - blackcurrant jelly

1- Bring the grapefruit juice, blackcurrant puree and sugar to the boil.
2- Mix the sugar and pectin together thoroughly and stir while bringing to the boil.  
3- Add the lemon juice, cook for 1 minute and add the drained gelatine. 
4- Leave the jelly to cool.
5- Mix the jelly when assembling, add slices of grapefruit.

Pink grapefruit sorbet

1- Mix the stabilizer and the sugar well together.
2- Cook all the ingredients (60°C).
3- Bring to 30% brix, freeze.

Champagne snow mousse

  • Champagne - 375 g
  • Sugar - 100 g
  • Gelatine - 10 g
  • Crème fraîche - 350 g
1- Cook one THIRD of the Champagne, add the sugar and dissolve.
2- Add the drained gelatine to the hot mixture and cool.
3- Add the crème fraiche and the remaining Champagne, place the mixture in the siphon and insert three gas cartridges. Store in a cold place.

Pistachio and lemon shortbread

  • Egg yolks - 80 g
  • Sugar - 160 g
  • Softened butter - 160 g
  • Salt - 1 pincée
  • Flour - 230 g
  • Lemon zest - 3
  • Ground pistachios - 30 g
  • Baking powder - 12 g
1- Using a whisk, beat the egg yolks with the sugar until light and fluffy; add the butter cut into small pieces. Stir to obtain a creamy paste.
2- Add the sifted flour, the baking powder, salt, pistachio and the lemon zest to form a smooth pastry. Leave the pastry to rest in a cool place for an hour.
3- Roll the pastry out to a thickness of 3mm and cook at 180°C for 12 to 15 minutes until golden.
4- Cut out the shortbread pieces while still hot. Then leave to cool.

Sugar pearls

  • Isomalt - 500 g
  • Water - 200 g
1- Heat the water and isomalt together to 170°C, pour onto a Silpat sheet and leave to cool.
2-  When the sugar can be drawn, smooth well.
3- Using a pump, blow the sugar up into pearls and then keep in a dry place with silica gel.

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