En route to the international? The Trophée Jeunes Talents keeps its promises…

En route to the international? The Trophée Jeunes Talents keeps its promises…

The final result of the first two editions of the Trophée Jeunes Talents is impressive: 5 of the first 6 prize-winners have been recruited by the Bocuse d’Or Winners chefs who accepted them.

The recipe? Solid training, a demanding selection, and the exceptional opportunity of working 1 year in 3 major houses run by Bocuse d’Or Winners chefs from 3 European countries.

Futures full of unalloyed promise…
Cyndie Guillot, from the lycée of Dardilly, first edition prize-winner, is now second in the restaurant Brigga 11 at Stord de Geir Skeie, Bocuse d’Or in 2009 and host chef for the Trophée.
Two second edition Trophée prize-winners will soon join her: Félix Brun, from lycée Lesdiguières in Grenoble, and Valentine Payan, from the lycée of Marseille, who will be responsible for the desserts.
Mélina Greiss, another patisserie enthusiast from the lycée of Nice, has been recruited for the Desserts position for a few months by Henrik Norström, Bocuse d’Argent 2001 – another host chef. So she is continuing her adventure today at Stockholm. Pablo Leveau, from the lycée of Le Touquet, may well join the staff of Michel Roth, Vice-President of the Bocuse d’Or Winners and founding partner of the Trophée.
The great traveller Floriane Brilhaut from the lycée of La Rochelle continues her oriental tour and is now in India.

The starting signal for the 3rd edition!
The three prize-winners for the next edition have packed and are ready to leave. They passed their BTS with flying colours and are eager to start their adventure.
1st rotation July to September and for Norway, South of Bergen, for Marie Fourmont from the lycée of La Rochelle who will be received by Ørjan Johannessen, Bocuse d’Or 2015.
Margaux Bréhier, from the lycée of Dinard will join the staff of Ferdy Debecker, Bocuse de Bronze 1999, at Antwerp and Damien Rousset from the lycée de St-Chély d’Apcher will have his first experience with Claus Weitbrecht, Bocuse de Bronze 2003, right in the heart of Bavaria.

Three attaching personalities – two girls and one boy – infinitely likeable and enthusiastic, incontestably gifted and hard-working, who cannot but seduce their chefs. We invite you to follow their stories on the Trophée Jeunes Talents site or the Facebook page Les vergers Boiron.

July 2017

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