Maxime Le Gal

Maxime Le Gal, Mixologist, Cofounder and Partner, Rocks & Rye, and Les vergers Boiron Consultant

Maxime Le Gal founded Rocks & Rye in Lyon in 2017, with his partner Amanda Boucher, an acclaimed mixologist, known in part for her signature and legendary cocktail “La Muse”.


​Having acquired international experience in London, Melbourne and Paris, Maxime and his close associate propose custom-designed thematic events, including “ephemeral” mobile bars. Rocks & Rye quickly established itself as an innovative player in France’s gastronomic capital (and recently the world center of women’s soccer). Their customers include French and international companies in a wide range of businesses, as well as alcohol brands and private clients. ​Rocks & Rye also provides its expertise to training establishments, including the Institut Paul Bocuse, and also works with restaurants to create their cocktail menus, train their staff and helps source the best quality products, as well as contributing to their marketing and communication.


Maxime Le Gal recently created three recipes for Les vergers Boiron: #1 Rose Currant, using, among other ingredients, red currents, verjuice, hibiscus and white beer, which creates a unique balance between freshness, sourness and fruitiness; #2 Sweet Bean, a classical non-alcohol “milk punch” that is slightly bitter, using bananas, coconuts and coffee; #8 Vergers Fizz where all the ingredients are grown in vergers (the French word for fruit orchards), from figs to lemons, via cider (replacing champagne). Since they often work for “casual business and management get-togethers”, Maxime and his partner are careful to center their cocktails on fruit in different mixes, with little (or no) alcohol, which allows guests to “test several combinations and think about more subtle and original links, which after all, is at the heart of team-building that is the raison-d’être of these events”.

His favorite word to describe Les vergers Boiron products: Harmony.


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