100% Bergamot puree: put some sunshine into your pastries!

100% Bergamot puree: put some sunshine into your pastries!

Les vergers Boiron 100% Bergamot puree comes from a unique blend of well-known varieties to give an authentic and intense, fresh fruit aroma.

No added sugar*, natural texture and colour, our bergamot purée offers a hint of acidity that is highly appreciated by professionals.

Its unique taste and fragrance enhance a crème brûléee or delicately flavoured mousse.

Let yourself be seduced by the subtle flavour and imagine the macaroons, desserts or cakes you will make.

Your customers will surely ask you for the secret to your recipe!

Les vergers Boiron Bergamot puree is incredibly intense in flavour and awakens the taste buds.
Don't hesitate to replace lemon with bergamot in your recipes for a more refined and softer palate.

An often forgotten fruit, bergamot is a delicious variation of lemon.
Bergamot is derived from a cross between lime and bitter orange.
There are four main varieties: Fantastico, Castagnaro, Calabrese and Femminello. These names conjure up the Italian sun ... bergamot is indeed grown in Calabria. 85 to 95% of world production is found there, the remainder coming from Ivory Coast, Morocco and Portugal.

Bergamot differs from lemon with its pear shape and thick skin (used in cosmetics and herbal medicine). It is more orange in colour than lemon, and it is acidic, but the flesh is sweet.

It has everything it takes to be an interesting and innovative addition to your creations!


Looking for recipes ideas based on our succulent bergamot purée?

We have gathered in a book recipes made by renowned chefs with whom we are used to work : download it HERE!

* Contains sugars naturally contained in the fruit.