Fruitology® - Aromatic typology and profile of fruit purées

Fruitology® - Aromatic typology and profile of fruit purées
To gain a fuller understanding of the actual practice of Fruitology®, applying the major principles of sensory analysis and the reality of aromatic descriptors, here are examples of aromatic descriptors that can be found in a mango purée.


These examples are given as general illustrations but are not representative of aromatic notes found specifically in Les vergers Boiron fruit purées.
The complete sensory profiles of deep-frozen Les vergers Boiron fruit purées resulting from actual studies are available on our website, on each product page.


As a function of the variety, the terroir, the climate where the fruits grew and the agricultural conditions and practices, each fruit possesses its own specific aromatic qualities (basic tastes, characteristic aromatic notes, notes related to other fruits, trigeminal sensations and, potentially, off-Notes).

The elaboration of a fruit purée recipe is based on the study of numerous varieties, some of which are selected and blended within the same purée to achieve the desired sensory characteristics.


This assembly technique requires advanced expertise and is carried out by associating subtle aromatic combinations.




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