PGI fruit purées: a new step towards excellence

PGI fruit purées: a new step towards excellence
Since 1942, Les vergers Boiron has been bringing you fruit at its best. Striving for excellence as always, we embark on this new decade with the creation of new and exceptional fruit purées, made using fruit labelled Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).
These no-added-sugar purées offer new opportunities to enhance your creations and
fulfill your customers' expectations.






Frozen fruit purée 100% : PGI Corsican Clementine
Frozen fruit purée 100% : PGI Siracusa Lemon
Frozen fruit purée 100% : PGI Sicilian blood orange







Enhance your culinary creations and experiences

Like us, are you passionate about fruit and products of excellence? Are you constantly seeking to enhance your creations, develop your expertise and always better satisfy your customers' requirements?
In the realm of fruit, this level of excellence is truly expressed - both in farming and sensory perception - by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) label.

PGI in brief

Protected Geographical Indication, or PGI, is a European Union appellation. It promotes an agricultural product whose quality, reputation or other characteristics are linked to its geographical origin.
The PGI label imposes a very precise set of specifications on all producers, guaranteeing a level of fruit quality and freshness, plus a very demanding traceability system. PGI fruits are among the treasures of our agricultural regions. They are a guarantee of quality for all culinary professionals. Our frozen purées made using these fruits are no exception to the rule. Once again, Les vergers Boiron invites you to share fruit at its best.


No-added-sugar purées

Starter, main dish, dessert, ice cream, cocktails... you can use our PGI fruit purées in all your culinary preparations. Get creative and concoct recipes that will bring out these exceptional, no-added-sugar flavours and offer your customers new gourmet experiences to discover and enjoy.

Fruitology®, sharing our expertise and passion for fruit

After inventing the frozen fruit purée in 1970, Les vergers Boiron invites you to discover Fruitology®. A new expertise helping you to understand the characteristics of fruit and purées from a historical, scientific, taste and sensory point of view. Wine has oenology, fruit now has Fruitology®.





January 2021